Waitangi Wharf update continued........The temporary structure is being built to accommodate permanent works which enables the temporary relocation of the fishermen to outside the construction footprint. This will allow us to safely construct the new permanent wharf facility causing minimal disruption to the current wharf operation.


Soon after completion, the existing Fisherman's Wharf will be demolished to make way for the next barge load bringing precast concrete elements for wharf construction.


The precast elements have been manufactured off island in a Tauranga based facility. The piles are approx. 12-14m long and weigh approx. 25t each.


The precast panels will fit between the piles to form the wharf retaining structure and weigh up to 7t each.


Approximately half the precast panels and piles will be transported on the next barge along with a 150ton crawler crane to undertake pile installation works.

The barge is due on the Island early December 2016.


Changes at MPA

The Alliance Project Manager (Hugh Milliken) overseeing the initial site set up and development of this project is moving on from his current role to become the Alliance Manager.

Hugh‘s replacement is Werner du Plessis. Werner has been involved with wharf project since June 2015 based in MPA's Wellington office.

Werner has been involved in the planning for the project particularly with the procurement and transportation of construction materials and developing the construction methodology for the wharf and reclamation.