A major wastewater reticulation project for the Tauranga City Council involving the construction of  5.1 kms of 800mm diameter HDPE trunk sewer pipeline from Matapihi to the Te Maunga Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). 

Project Detail

The construction of 5.1 kms of 800 mm diameter HDPE pipeline to depths of six metres, from the harbour end of Matapihi Rd to the Te Maunga WWTP with associated valve chambers. 


A high profile, complex and technically challenging project through a range of terrain and environments.


The majority of the works were carried out by open cut method to depths of 5.5m with two sections being directionally drilled - 60m and 100m drill shots, under roads. 

An additional three sections were installed via pipe jacking of 1050 RCRRJ casing where the pipe crossed KiwiRail ECMT line (twice) and beneath Transpower Transmission Power Lines, the new DN800 pipeline was then installed within the jacked pipe casings.

Where the pipeline crossed SH2/29, a 40m long steel casing was installed by pipe-ramming under the highway to house the new PE pipe.


Works also included installation under local TCC Level 1 roads, State Highway 29 (Level 2), East Coast Main Trunk rail line, wetland environments – SES11 and 12 and unformed road areas.


Traffic Management, Health and Safety, Environmental Management and Client and Public Liaison have been of utmost importance throughout this project. 


Works also included:

  • Site clearance works

  • Temporary works – culverts and access tracks, trench shoring and sheet piling

  • Shaping of Swale Drains

  • Replacement of watermain pipe

  • Upgrading of road stormwater pipe

  • Relocation of services

  • Reinstatement works including grass, metal, concrete footpaths, vehicle crossings, kerbing

  • Access Road installation for Biofilters

  • Reconstruction of 1.3km of kerb and channel and carriageway in Matapihi including widening, overlay and cement stabilisation.

  • Wetland Restoration

  • Argentine Ant (Pest) Control


Due to HEB’s performance, we were awarded three variations to extend our commission.  These works included the installation of two biofilters, a further 1km of 800dia. sewer pipe installation along Matapihi Road and the construction of a new receiving chamber and headworks inlet at the Te Maunga Waste Water Treatment Plant.

"In order to successfully deliver the project HEB needed to proactively engage with the large number of stakeholders; the local community, Iwi / Hapu representatives, local school, BoPRC, Heritage, NZ, KiwiRail, NZTA, local business, etc to build relationships to minimise and mitigate the impact of the works on the wider community.

Formal communications on the project were in accordance with the contract requirements. The informal communication between the site team and the project stakeholders assisted in building trust and improving the relationships for this and future projects."

Richard Myers, Tauranga City Council Representative for Southern Pipeline - Matapihi to Te Maunga Project