HEB Construction is building a bridge at Spine Road in Drury. 


We’re building a three span 100m long bridge for Stevenson’s Mining Ltd as part of the Drury South Crossing development. The bridge foundations include timber pole rafts and MSE walls at the abutments with driven steel pile casings filled with reinforced concrete at the two piers.


Each pier has 5 piles which transition into columns to carry the superstructure. The bridge cross section comprises of 6 super-tee precast units with concrete deck and edge barriers that provides for a two laned bridge with footpaths either side and a cycleway on one side only.


The bridge forms part of the new Spine Rd alignment that will be the main thoroughfare through the new Drury South development. It will be accessed at either end from both the Drury or Ramarama Rd SH1 interchanges.​