General maintenance of the road pavement and corridor in Marlborough, covering local authority and state highway networks.

A network outcomes contract (a mixture of lump sum and measure and value) covering road pavement maintenance and road corridor maintenance in Marlborough. This contract was a conversion of an existing contract with Marlborough Roads, with history dating back to 2007, into the NOC format in 2013. The conversion also saw the transition of the contract delivery into a joint venture with Opus who were previously the network consultants for Marlborough Roads. This contract includes the complete asset management of 1,786km of road network, combining 260km of State Highway and 1,526km of local authority rural and urban roads.

The contract involves total corridor maintenance including pavement, drainage and bridge maintenance, road renewals and resurfacing, traffic services, vegetation control and emergency response, as well as full asset management.

High rainfall in the area requires good management of rural drainage and culverts. Furthermore, the contract comprises 640km of unsealed roads, many of which have high demand in the summer peak.

Our partners - Opus