Maungawhau/Mt Eden Tihi Boardwalk

The summit (tihi) of Maungawhau/Mt Eden is a culturally significant site for local iwi, but due to its popularity, its walking track had become damaged. To prevent further degradation, while improving the site for future visitors, Auckland Council and the Tūpuna Maunga Authority commissioned HEB Construction.


This project took place in three stages:


1. Track and ground remediation: Which involved removal of the existing walking track’s timber steps, boards, handrails and aggregate, as well as remediating 250 metres of damaged track. Aggregate also had to be removed from Mt Eden’s heritage kumara pits, which involved manual hand digging and relocation.

2. Construction of a new boardwalk: The centrepiece of this project was the new 290-metre steel frame boardwalk with timber decking, including piles, steel substructure, and both Tonka and Webforge cladding.

3. Demolition of the communications building: The old communications building was removed from the roof inwards to prevent contamination to surrounding areas, with rubble subsequently taken off site via small tracked machines on temporary raised scaffolding.


Originally, the tender called for use of a helicopter to drop materials onto the site. However, we proposed an alternative method of hand delivery, as it would be quieter and more cost effective. It also created additional labour opportunities. Further, HEB proposed alternative screw piles, which could be installed much faster and cheaper, but also did not require the use of heavy machinery - avoiding further damage to the track.


The Maungawhau/Mt Eden Tihi boardwalk was completed in August 2020.