Selwyn Road Maintenance Contract

Keeping people and commerce moving – no matter how remote.

The Selwyn network covers approximately 2,475km of sealed and 1,116Km of unsealed roading, including remote high country roads.

HEB looks after all of it, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of people, vehicles and goods through the Selwyn district.

Our work
Planned maintenance – we deliver all planned and reactive maintenance activities across the network. This includes full road corridor maintenance on sealed and unsealed roads, bridges, traffic signs and marker posts, road marking, footpaths, drainage, kerb and channel, vegetation control and amenity maintenance.

Cyclic maintenance – with thousands of kms of roading, this is a constant cycle that includes pothole and unsealed road maintenance as well as road sweeping.

Programmed works – such as pavement and shoulder maintenance, dig-out repairs and stabilising. Also full resealing (asphalt and chipseal resurfacing), as well as annual pavement rehabilitation and footpath renewals.

Our Environment
Recycling is a key component of this contract, allowing us to reduce our waste going to landfill as well as carbon emissions. For starters, by adjusting our cold mix methodology, we’ve been able to reuse all milled-out material within the cold mix patching process. Additionally, our crews have utilised slip material from the high-country slips which occur every rainfall event in this area. Carting of this material only takes place on our return trips, to limit carbon emissions and the use of resources.


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