In November 2015, HEB Structures were awarded a $4.3m contract by Ports of Auckland (POAL) to construct a new Tug Berth Structure.

The structure provides better berthing and mooring facilities for POAL's expanding tug boat fleet as well as improving tug efficiency, safety and security.

The finger type berthing structure, being built between Bledisloe and Jellicoe Wharves, is made up of four tug berths plus a separate berth for work boats. Each of the berths are formed by a piled reinforced concrete finger.  

A further 550m2 of new piled wharf deck was also constructed to provide access to refuel and service the tug boats.

The project was negotiated on the back of the successful completion of the Fergusson FZ Wharf Extension and further strengthens HEBs good working relationship with Ports of Auckland.realignment and reconnection of all services