This project is New Zealand’s first purpose built artificial white water facility. The two courses are powered from a pump station capable of delivering simultaneous water flows of 14m³/s (cubic metres per second)  to the Grade 4 course, 10 m³/s to the Grade 2 course with an additional 2m³/s to operate a raft-able 3.5m high waterfall.

A large concrete lined pond provides storage for up to 22 million litres of water, fed from an onsite bore and harvested rainwater. This is used to circulate around the course to create the white water. The water is treated from an onsite treatment plant using filtration and ultra violet (UV) disinfection.

To enable the kayakers and rafters to have continuous access to the course, two travellators take course users from the main storage pond up to the starter ponds for each course.

The courses themselves are constructed from cement stabilised earth and lined with shotcrete. Grades, drops, groynes and obstacles are used to generate the rapids in the channels. Each rapid can be tuned to provide optimum rapids by moving the re-locatable obstacles on the channel floor.

HEB Pre-Cast also were involved in the supply and transport of architectural reinforced concrete panels to Vector Wero Whitewater Park. The panels formed with textured pattern and geometric recesses.

HEB Precast can supply high quality architectural panels for building or civil works.


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