The wharf is the Chatham Islands’ only cargo-handling facility for essential supplies, including diesel for the electricity grid and fuel for the air services. It was near the end of its structural life and has been upgraded to provide more efficient port operations, encourage future economic growth and sustain a vital lifeline for the community


The new wharf design will make shipping more reliable, improve the health and safety of wharf operations, upgrade livestock and food safety areas and future-proof the wharf for the community’s expanding export and production requirements. The improvements are:

  • Increased weather access to the wharf due to construction of a breakwater

  • Increased freight handling area

  • Improved fishermen and cargo wharf

  • Enhanced biosecurity area

  • Improvements to livestock race

  • Increased reclaimed hardstand


The current owner of the port is the Chatham Island Enterprise Trust.  

The project was being delivered by the Memorial Park Alliance who are HEB, Downer, Tonkin & Taylor, Aecom, NZTA and the DIA.  

Opening video can be seen here