Our rich

Built in NZ –
the HEB story so far

In 1975 we started as a family-owned business. Today we’re one of NZ’s major infrastructure companies (Tier 1). Our reputation grew out of our civil infrastructure expertise and, with the purchase of SmithBridge, this has since evolved to include expertise in major structures. This expanded multi-disciplinary team has positioned HEB well to take on large scale and highly complex projects, many of which we’ve proudly delivered up and down the country.

We’re one HEB team

Strong partnerships have always been at the core of what makes us different. Partnerships with our clients, with co-contractors and amongst ourselves – all founded on trust.

Our projects succeed because we listen, engage and empower people to make decisions and deliver their best. It’s a HEB thing that proves itself again and again.

We are proud to belong to the VINCI Construction Group.

HEB and VINCI Construction together offer a combination of New Zealand-based experience, backed by the global expertise of one of the largest construction companies in the world.

This is how we build for a better future, together.

Our People

Introducing VINCI Construction – our international partner

VINCI Construction is a global leader in construction. With over 1,300 companies and 115,000 employees, VINCI Construction provides within the VINCI Group an unparalleled range of construction-related expertise in over 100 countries. Internationally, VINCI Construction are a leader in the transformation of the world’s cities, communities, highways and infrastructure. We share an ethos with our partner; to make a positive, lasting contribution to the world we live in through our role as a key infrastructure providers, working in the public interest to create environmentally conscious, socially beneficial solutions.

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HEB and VINCI Construction

VINCI Construction’s international reach and scale is a rich vein of knowledge, experience and knowhow which HEB can tap into, amplifying our ability to innovate, and provide clients with superior solutions to their infrastructure requirements.

That’s great, but there’s something else too. A shared vision to create lasting, ethical long term relationships with clients based on trust, and a hunger to do right by the planet and each other by designing and building solutions for tomorrow’s world.