Our work is integral to
how New Zealanders
live, work and play
– we’re building the future.

Mark Evans – CEO

Roads, Rail and Bridges

We help connect people, improve mobility and make business easier. Our award-winning road and bridge construction capabilities include upgrading urban roads, vital rail links, and Roads of National Significance.

HEB has strengthened NZ’s East Coast main trunk line, replacing vital spans.  We’ve been part of the construction on many integral roading projects, including the Ahaura Bridge, and the Huntly Bypass.

Now with our clients, iwi and partners, we’re working on tomorrow’s infrastructure. Te Ahu a Turanga, the Manawhatū/Tararua Highway is a project with great social outcomes – it is reconnecting communities and includes different modes of transport carefully constructed over a sensitive wetland area.

We’ve also recently completed the Ruakanakana Pass (Tunnel 21), between Kaikoura and Blenheim, which goes under SH1. All up it’s a great example of how collaborative partnerships can lead to outstanding environmental outcomes.

Road Maintenance

We keep Kiwis moving. With critical road maintenance contracts ranging from heavily congested sections of the Auckland motorway network, through to the unsealed roads of high-country Selwyn, our teams are passionate about maintaining NZ’s road network assets.

Our extensive in-house capabilities include asset renewal tasks such as resurfacing and road renewals, as well as traffic management. Our clients trust us with some of the country’s most critical road networks, including major state highway, motorway and rural road contracts in Auckland, Waikato, Marlborough, Christchurch, Selwyn and Ashburton.

But we know our real asset is our people, and we work hard to offer our teams the training and experience they need to build genuine careers in the industry. Additionally, we have designed a raft of bespoke plant that improves the safety and efficiency of the work we do. This along with partnerships with subcontractors, allow us to utilise some of NZ’s most experienced people to provide a superior quality of service to our clients.

Traffic Management

Safety is our top priority, and traffic management plays a major role in keeping NZ’s road users safe.

To help ensure we can deliver a high-quality of service in this area, we’ve built in-house traffic management capabilities from the ground up, covering everything from planning to approvals to implementation. For anything we can’t cover alone, we carefully select and manage a range of the country’s top subcontractors.

It’s because of this capability that HEB is trusted as the road maintenance and traffic management partner for some of New Zealand’s most important road networks. Not only do these include major state highway and motorway contracts in Auckland, Waikato and Christchurch, but everything else right down to the unsealed high-country roads of Canterbury’s Selwyn District.

We also understand that traffic teams are an important face to the public, so we ensure that everyone at HEB has the opportunity to train and continuously improve their skills, building long-lasting careers in the industry and a pool of significant experience to help us get the job done on budget and on time.

Land Development

We make the earth move! From smart solutions to big infrastructure challenges – we’ve been designing and building for 30 years on projects such as Donegal Glen Development, Summerset Village, Tāmaki Regeneration (Auckland).

Earthworks, storm water drainage, sanitary sewer, utility services, water mains, road construction, retaining walls, concrete footpaths, ponds, shared public spaces, sports hubs – essential work for a better tomorrow.

We love applying our skills to all of this, creating the essential services and amenities for how people live and work in thriving communities –  not only for now, but for years to come.

We’re building infrastructure for the future.

Urban Development

Well-designed urban landscaping enhances the quality of all our lives. We all share and enjoy parks and open spaces, sports fields, playgrounds, reserves, wetlands and walkways.

We love building and enhancing the environments and community spaces in our cities and communities – for today and future generations.

How? Through projects such as the James Watson Reserve in Otara, which transformed the park into a community focal point, Kopupaka Park, The Waikato Park, and Te Wananga at Downtown.

Recently, we’ve added the Maungawhau/Mt Eden Tihi Boardwalk as part of our legacy – an award-winning walkway, for over one million visitors each year to enjoy the maunga summit, whilst at the same time protecting it.

3 Waters

‘Ka ora te wai, ka ora te whenua, ka ora ngā tāngata’
‘If the water is healthy, the land is healthy, the people are healthy’

Our Team at HEB Construction are committed to improving our communities we work and live in.

Water (wai) is a key component of our communities health and well-being. It is the provider of life.

Building and maintaining quality, sustainable and resilient 3 Waters infrastructure and networks, in collaboration with communities and likeminded delivery partners is key to how Aotearoa New Zealand functions today and prepares for the future.

From catchment to discharge, and catchment to tap, we provide solutions that meet the demands of today and provide the capability and capacity to deal with tomorrow. We employ the latest in technology, use tested methods, and hold diverse skill sets and experience that provides confidence and trust in designing solutions, implementing programmes and delivering construction projects.

We’ve completed projects such as the Pukekohe Wastewater Treatment Plant and Clarks Beach Reservoir. Currently we’re working on the Omāroro Water Reservoir – which will more than double Wellington’s current capacity – the Waiari Pipeline, Queenstown’s Recreational Ground Wastewater Conveyance Scheme, as well as maintaining Hamilton 2 Waters Maintenance Renewal Contract .

Ports & Marine

Large marine engineering projects is an area where our world-class workforce excels. We collaborate with clients providing inspiration and developing innovative solutions, with an eye firmly fixed on our clients’ needs for tomorrow.

Ports, wharves, marinas, berth extensions, and ferry terminals – HEB works with partners across multiple disciplines and together we create world class infrastructure.

We’ve done this on the Waitangi Wharf project, the Downtown Ferry Terminal and many other marine projects.

Now we’re in partnership with Napier Port, building a new wharf that will allow the port to handle substantially more and larger cruise and container ships – whilst protecting our taonga in the marina.

Check out our Ports & Marine work.


Precast is typical of where our versatility, innovation and experience can reduce construction time (and therefore cost) and soften environmental impact, saving our clients’ money and treading more lightly on our planet.

We can provide standard precast components or custom design for a unique solution for whatever is required; bridge beams, suspended flooring, wall panels and pre-stressed piles – up to the largest of infrastructure projects.

You’ll find our precast work at the Vector Wero Whitewater Park, on the Cambridge By-Pass and the Tauranga Eastern Link.

We’ve got heavy haulage covered too, our fleet of tractor units, trailers, jinker trucks, refrigerated units and pilot vehicles can move mountains, or haul large loads, as and when needed.

Heavy Haulage

We’ve got heavy haulage covered too, HEB transport and Heavy Haulage, are specialists in the movement of Cranes, Large bridge Beams, precast concrete, drilling and piling equipment and earth moving machines. We are fully equipped to move every piece of machinery and equipment used by HEB construction on all its Projects. 

HEB – at the heart of
building a better future

We all want to belong, to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Yes, we’re earthmovers, changemakers, bridge builders and innovators. But we’re also great partners, and we build relationships just like we build infrastructure – quality and lasting.
Belonging is what defines us and how we go forward as a team; clear in our mission and working as one to solve the hard problems, supporting the way kiwis live, work, travel and play and building for better tomorrow, together.

Maungawhau/Mt Eden
Tihi Boardwalk

Showcasing a sacred site with
award-winning sensitivity.

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