Queenstown Recreation Ground Wastewater Conveyance Scheme

Infrastructure for South Island resilience and growth.

To help Queenstown accommodate growth, HEB Construction was called in as a part of a long-term plan to improve the region’s water infrastructure.

For this project, our role was to construct a new wastewater pump station and rising main through the town centre and adjacent suburbs – a complex task made more complex by the onset of COVID-19 and Level 4 lockdowns.

The new assets we’ve built will provide more than 450 kL of emergency storage, additional pumping capacity and increased resilience for the city’s wastewater network.

Our work
Provision of valuable input into design as a part of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) to create a highly tailored, cost-effective solution.

Sheet piling up to 12 metres in depth, using specifically designed shoring methods to allow for deep excavations.

Installation of 1,800 metres of wastewater rising main (4.5 metres depth), and 320 metres of gravity wastewater pipe using trenchless and open cut methods.

Construction of two 2.5-meter diameter, 60-metre long emergency storage tanks, as well as 4-metre diameter pump station with a wet wall depth of 7.7 metres.

Despite Covid lockdowns and the discovery of contaminated material, the project was completed on schedule.

Our Environment
Community engagement was a critical component of this project, given the close proximity of the drilling to residents, commercial premises and a school. Through our engagement with community partners, there were no project or noise complaints to Council during the work. Additionally, this project involved the rehoming of over 50 fish, careful sediment and erosion control, collaboration with Heritage NZ, and the reusing of existing ground material to reduce our carbon footprint.









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