Precast is typical of where our versatility, innovation and experience can reduce construction time (and therefore cost) and soften environmental impact, saving our clients’ money and treading more lightly on our planet.

We can provide standard precast components or custom design for a unique solution for whatever is required; bridge beams, suspended flooring, wall panels and pre-stressed piles – up to the largest of infrastructure projects.

You’ll find our precast work at the Vector Wero Whitewater Park, on the Cambridge By-Pass and the Tauranga Eastern Link.

We’ve got heavy haulage covered too, our fleet of tractor units, trailers, jinker trucks, refrigerated units and pilot vehicles can move mountains, or haul large loads, as and when needed.

Heavy Haulage

We’ve got heavy haulage covered too, HEB transport and Heavy Haulage, are specialists in the movement of Cranes, Large bridge Beams, precast concrete, drilling and piling equipment and earth moving machines. We are fully equipped to move every piece of machinery and equipment used by HEB construction on all its Projects.