Omāroro Water Reservoir

Securing Wellington’s water supply for future generations.

Comprehensive water storage is a must for any major city. The new designed and built 35 million litre Omāroro reservoir we’re building will more than double Wellington’s water storage for the Wellington CBD and surrounding suburbs, making water supply more resilient to earthquakes and disruption.

Our work
Building – designed and built a new 70m diameter, 35 million litre buried concrete reservoir.

Connecting – the bulk inlet and outlet main that will eventually feed water to the reservoir.

Constructing – the pipe tunnel access point for the reservoir pipes, which is made from both precast and in-situ concrete works.

Fabricating – 60 wall panels and 45 roof support columns from pre-cast concrete for the reservoir.

Park and Landscape – reinstatement of the Prince of Wales Park including the sports field while protecting the native wildlife.

Our Environment
HEB was committed to protecting, monitoring and enhancing the sustainability outcomes of this build from the time of tender, long before we ever won the project. Our crews put in a lot of effort to exceed compliance requirements, including enhancing designs for the sediment retention ponds, redesigning the reservoir to reduce the amount of concrete and steel required, introducing pest control as a part of the construction plan, and hosting community engagement workshops to hear feedback from locals.


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