Waiāri Trunk Watermain Part B

Reassuring milestone for city water supply.

Water is top of mind for many Tauranga residents due to tight water restrictions, making the new Waiāri Trunk Watermain a key milestone in the city’s plans to improve its water supply.

HEB Construction was awarded the contract to build this new trunk main, which will carry potable water from Tauranga’s new Waiāri Water Treatment Plant to the existing Poplar Lane and Eastern Reservoirs – a 5.4-kilometre trip.

In addition, the project also includes constructing a 2.9 km outlet watermain at the Eastern Reservoir to take water from here to an existing watermain along Te Puke Highway.

Our work
Installation of 5,370 metres of PE pipeline through open cut and horizontal directional drilling methods.

Open cut trenching involving 3-5 metre deep excavations, with some isolated deeper sections predominantly using the KS100 trench-shield system.

Protection of the sensitive environment through careful planning of construction of trenchless sections due it sitting below existing streams and waterways.

Extensive Ground Improvement was undertaken by importing 50,000 tonnes of material as preload including instrumentation and monitoring.

Intensive stakeholder and traffic management, to minimise disruption to the community.


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