Hakanoa Playground

Fun project for the most demanding users.

Huntly’s Hakanoa Playground was a project designed around fun – children were consulted by the client early on to ensure that its design would meet their standards. After, HEB Construction was asked to bring their dreams to life.

Our work included a total revamp of the playground to modernise it and realise the community’s goals. This meant demolishing the existing site and redundant toilet block, remodelling what was left, constructing infrastructure and adding the new playground equipment.

Our work
Led the project as main contractor, backed by subcontractors for specialist work.

Management of full construction of works, including demolition of the old site, remodelling of existing brick wall, extending and improving concrete pathways, construction of a scooter path, drainage works, resurfacing playground areas, and adding the new equipment.

Worked with tight timeframes and achieved a high-quality product.

Worked closely with the client and designer to achieve a result they (and the children of Huntly) would be happy with.


Waikato Regional Council





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