Christchurch Road Maintenance

After five years of success, HEB expanded from managing Central Christchurch to both Central and Northern Areas.

In 2017, HEB was awarded the road maintenance contract for central Christchurch, encompassing some 170 km of CBD roading network. With a great partnership well established with the client and after producing successful roading outcomes for five years, in 2022 we were successful in tendering for the Central contract as well as the Northern area of Christchurch, an additional 800 km of urban roading network.

Our work includes all aspects of typical road maintenance, including drainage, pavement, bridges, signs, street furniture, road markings, and more. But we go above and beyond simply looking after all of these vital components, ensuring we look for opportunities to achieve better outcomes for our natural environment.  For example, we use e-bikes to inspect cycleways, and 100% electric road sweepers to keep the streets clean. We also have hybrid inspection vehicles, as well as fully EV traffic management trucks.

Our Work

Maintenance of 970 km worth of road network for central and northern Christchurch, including:

  • Drainage, pavement, bridges, signs, street furniture, road markings, footpaths, kerb and channel, street sweeping, leaf fall, incident response, winter works, and amenity maintenance.
  • Performance of cyclic pavement maintenance activities and most planned pavement repairs.
  • Resurfacing of both chip seal and asphalt roads.
  • Emissions and noise reduction through use of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our Environment

Christchurch is the Garden City, and we take it not only as our duty but our pleasure to ensure the protection of its gardens and waterways as a part of our maintenance contract. Preventing contamination and pollution are key components of our ecological management works, but we’re also working in collaboration with local arborists to find alternative sustainable methodologies when fixing footpaths, kerbs and channels around the city’s trees. Members of our teams have also taken part in other environmental activities, including cleaning up the Ōtakaro Avon River and participating in tree planting sessions.


Christchurch City Council




2022 to 2027 with further extension possible to 2032

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